Help! - Story Order

Herewith find chronicled the Proprietor's increasingly desperate attempts to get help for the 'Round.

Just how far is the Proprietor willing to go in his search?

His staff are about to find out...

Hard Help - B. K. Willis - The Proprietor is driven to desperate measures to try and hire more staff for the 'Round.

Hardly Helping... - Imran Inayat - Who on earth'd want to work in a place like this? The Proprietor of This Time Round is about to find out... again.

You're /Not/ Helping... - Imran Inayat - In which the Proprietor demonstrates he can't even /buy/ good help.

Still Not Helping - Daibhid Ceannaideach - The Proprietor utterly fails to learn from previous events.

Help Wanted, Dead or Alive - B. K. Willis - Good help is hardest to find on evil's home turf.