Author's notes:

Welcome to the sixth installment of rampant smart-assery that
is MPT3k. Before we get started let me just say that this one is
a bit smuttier than the last few, but that's in keeping with what
the audience said it wanted. Incidentally, let me assure every-
one that the characterization of the new cast member was cleared
with that character's creator, who may not have known what she
was getting into. Now, this one gets a rating of PG-13 due to:
massive amounts of innuendo; many references to breasts; some
profanity; orgasm jokes; and basic poor taste.

Basically, if you would be offended by any of the above stuff
or by suggestions of female bisexuality or by riffs involving
Biblical Apocrypha, GM automobiles, anime characters, country
music, 'Saturday Night Live' skits, George Bush, or other, weirder
stuff, don't read this.

Copyright Notes:

'Doctor Who' belongs to the BBC.
'Mystery Science Theater 3000' belongs to Best Brains, Inc.
Doug, Diane, and the ADF created by Douglas Killings.
Mistress Helen created by Helen Fayle.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
The fan-fiction 'Confluence' and the 'Stories of Nyssa' series of
which it is a part are the work of David E. Woon. No infringe-
ment of any copyright is intended, and no offense is intended to
Mr. Woon, no matter how it may sound at times. This series
actually holds a special place in my heart as one of the first fan-
fics I ever read. If Mr. Woon happens to be reading this, just
consider this another form of C&C, okay?

Archivist's Note:

Regular Characters: Adric, Harry Sullivan, Nyssa, Tegan
Other Characters: Francois the Ogron, Number One, Doug, Diane
Categories: 'This Time Round'; 'To Die For' spinoff series;
Humor; Crossover with 'Mystery Science Theater 3000
Synopsis: The SOL crew deals with a cast change as they tackle
the fanfic 'Confluence'.


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