I've labeled this "!TDF" because it's sort of anti-TDF. However, the opinions
expressed aren't necessarily those of the author, who's enjoying Doug's and
Brad's stuff immensely.

by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle
TO DIE FOR cycle fostered primarily by DBKillings and BKWillis

"But this was supposed to be a place *outside* of continuity," Adric
"Not for generating one of its own," Nyssa agreed.
"Why can't characters just be allowed to get along?" Adric whined.
"Because the essence of drama is conflict," said the Doctor in his most
reasonable, pedantic, annoying tone. "Queen bets, Tegan."
"I don't know what you two are complaining about," Tegan grumbled,
tossing three coins into the pot. "You're getting the most bandwidth these
"More than all of I am, I think," said the Doctor ruefully. "At least in
new material."
"It's summer," observed Nyssa, calling. "Perhaps even adwc geeks have
other things to do."
"It's not summer all over the planet," objected Tegan.
"It is everywhere that counts," said Adric with Four-to-Doomsday
insensitivity. "Ow," he added when Tegan beaned him with a boomerang, "don't
you start."
When everyone had called, the Doctor began dealing another round. "In
This Time Round there are no rules. Rather nicely symbolic of the free speech
anarchy that is the internet, I think. But where there are no rules, there
are no rules against making rules. Hence the confusion over the bit about
crossovers," he added, observing Polly with her clipboard, at the bar with
Mace Windu and Yoda.
("You don't need to see my qualifying post," Mace Windu was saying to
("Not the Jedi you're looking for are we," Yoda added.)
"In that case," said Adric as the Doctor finished dealing the round of
cards, "I make the rule that my seven's high over the Doctor's king, and I
bet five."
After a moment of silent communion between the others at the table, he
was called. The Doctor dealt the last upcard. Tegan now had a pair of tens
showing (the Doctor dismissed a riske pun from his mind, saving it for some
later, innuendo-themed TTR piece). Nyssa had three fours - a full house if
her down card was a six. The Doctor had four to a royal flush showing. Adric
had seven high. "Your bet again, Adric."
"Kill me," Nyssa said to Adric.
"What?" said Adric, along with the others at the table, and more than
one person at nearby tables.
"Kill me," Nyssa said simply. "If there are no rules - if we are free to
set our own destinies, within the preferences and capabilities of the author
who's got ahold of us from one moment to the next - then the fairness I
learned growing up on Traken suggests you should get to kill me back at least
(At a nearby table Emma/Saavik leaned over and whispered to Doctor Nine,
"Didn't he already kill her once, within the regular TDF cycle?"
("I don't think so," murmured Doctor Nine. "I think you're thinking of
the time she ended up at the bottom of the parking lot crater, trapped in the
crippled anime suit."
("We could scope out Deja.com and find out for sure. Or send an inquiry
to Doug."
(Doctor Nine shook his head. "Too much work for a silly humor piece.")
Adric looked back at Nyssa incredulous for a moment. A hesitant smile of
gratitude began to grow on his face, but suddenly died. "But how should I do
"That," said the Doctor, "may take some time to work out."
"What makes you think so?"
"Gadzikowski has never labeled a posting '1/?' before."


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