by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle
TO DIE FOR cycle fostered primarily by DBKillings and BKWillis

Peri sat down at the bar across from where Adric was washing glasses
behind it and said, "I'm going to help you figure out how to kill Nyssa in
return for all the times she's killed you in the TDF cycle."
Adric blinked several times and said, "Why you?"
"Because Gadzikowski half-promised to write about me more often, by
letting me complain in a previous TTR piece about how he doesn't champion me
like other characters get championed by their fans who're prolific fanfic
"Oh." Adric shrugged. "Sounds fair. Any ideas?" He served her her usual,
a frosted glass of whichever brand of beer was in front relative to where
Adric was standing.
"Well, we could arrange that she gets captured by an alien robber baron
who has his brain transplanted into her body, which then gets vaporised."
Adric frowned. "But didn't *you* -"
"Shut up!" Peri snapped. "I married Brian Blessed and don't you forget
"Okay, okay. Chill. It's just that I wanted to think of something, you
know, appropriate. Special."
Peri took a piece of paper with a list on it out of her shorts pocket.
She crossed off the first item on the list, then after a moment crossed off
the other two, crumpled it into a ball and dropped it in an ashtray. "So much
for Sara's and Katarina's ideas too."
"Can't hurt to brainstorm," said Adric. "Your mother lose any of your
stepfathers to death instead of divorce?"
"The one before Howard had a heart attack having sex with her. It took
Mom six whole months to Howard into bed after that." When Adric offered no
comment, Peri looked up from her beer. He was staring off into space and time
with a smile on his face. "Seriously?"
Adric sighed and shook his head. "Nah. I'm looking for something more
"On my planet, sex *is* pretty personal." Peri grinned slyly. "Maybe
she'd have a heart attack if she discovered you having sex with *someone
Adric frowned, trying to decide whether he needed to be in denial about
his feelings for Nyssa outside of TDF continuity. "I dunno."
"With the Doctor?"
"Gadzikowski doesn't write slash."
"Gadzikowski says, 'In THIS TIME ROUND there are no rules.'"
"I think she'd be disappointed if it wasn't something violent," Adric
said. "After all that she's done to me within TDF. Her issue with the whole
thing is fairness, you see." As he spoke he wondered whether he *had* those
feelings for Nyssa outside TDF continuity.
"Point," Peri conceded. "Okay: original and violent ..."
"But not too violent," Adric added hastily. "Messy, perhaps, but quick."
Now Adric was wondering whether his feelings for Nyssa were a function of
distance from continuity - after all, there was nothing overt about them in
the screen canon (nor the novel canon, as far as he knew), though they were
extrapolable from certain onscreen moments ...
"Drop a sixteen ton weight on her. Reincarnating her as a bowl of
flowers improbably materialized in planetary orbit. Just brainstorming.
Adric didn't hear her. He was considering questions of heirarchies of
outside-continuity. There were references to TDF in these !TDF pieces - did
that mean they were a higher, farther-out level of outside-continuity? Of
course that would only last until or unless Doug or Brad or someone alluded
to !TDF within TDF, and then they would be separate-but-equal
outside-continuities. Actually, rather not separate but symbiotic ... Imagine
the mathematical possibilities.
"I'll come back sometime when you're awake," grumbled Peri.


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