Notes: This Time Round faces one of its greatest challenges to date...
its first round robin...

Okay. Thanks to the.... bizarre.. nature of the Round, this story
divides into two continuities at one point, then smashes the two
together again. So, for convenience, I've labelled them A and B.

Also had to do a few rewrites to make it cohere. Hope the others don't

Oh, and thanks to the 'improv' nature of the story, it's ...err...
difficult to give each part an author listing. So the authors' names are
set down here.

Authors: Gordon Dempster, Imran Inayat, Alryssa Kelly, Cameron Mason and
Bradley Keith Willis.

No offence intended to Kate Orman and Lawrence Miles, who are
(hopefully) nothing like we've portrayed them here.

Crossover with (takes deep breath): Barney & Friends, Terry Pratchett's
Discworld books, The Mask, Pinky and the Brain, Sailor Moon, and Star
Trek: The Next Generation. Oblgatory disclaimer that all characters
belong to who/whatever owns their copyright and no infringement is

Part One - Part Two (A) - Part Two (B) - Part Three - Part Four

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