Games People Play #1 - The Buffybot hijacks the car park for a game. Minific.

Games People Play #2 - Skittles, Buffybot style. Half-drabble.

Games People Play #3 - Daleks aren't good at games.

In Search Of A Quick Half - The Doctor and the Buffybot make their first trip to This Time Round, in their own inimitable fashion.

Jealousy - Leela is not happy with the Buffybot. Drabble.

K9P - The Buffybot's singing has... interesting effects.

Points Of View - On best friends. Microfic.

A Quiet Evening In - The Buffybot has the 'Round to herself. Well, mostly.

Sur La Plage - The Buffybot is offered a trip round the bay by a certain submarine captain. Drabble.