Wolsey moved over only to get a message from the cat on the table.
Taking all of two seconds he decided first that she was not interested in
him, and second, somewhere several miles away might be healthier.
"Varne, I have had enough. Please change to something that can talk, you've
made your point."
The cat shimmered and was replaced by a woman in a cat suit. Without
being asked, the barman brought a glass over.
The Seventh Doctor wandered over.
Doctor: "Nice seeing you two again. What have you been doing?"
Varne: "Industrial espionage, for the last five years. Lord Magnus
claims it pays well, though I find it totally boring."
Magnus: "It does pay well and we need the money. By the way, Varne,
don't call me Lord."
Varne: "Yes Master."
Doctor: "Why do you need the money when you can make what you want?"
Magnus: "Making anything permanent takes far too long. Life gets
interesting when your battle armour reverts to linen in the middle of
a fire fight."
Magnus glanced at his watch.
Magnus "44 minutes, Varne. If she went home, got another weapon and came
back, she should show up about now. That is, if she did not take time to
Doctor: "Who?"
Magnus "Nyssa."
The door burst open and still wearing the leotard Nyssa entered
Before she could do anything, her form shimmered as the armour reformed,
and the bouncers chucked her out again.
Magnus "Like I said, Doctor, life gets interesting."

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