Picking the device off the table, Magnus gave Adric's body a
thoughtful glance.
Magnus: "Doctor, could you explain the memory loss?"
Doctor: "Well, the gizmo shunts the selected area out of this space
time into a dimension where there is no subjective time. This
preserves whatever is shifted as nothing can happen to it, and also
removes it from our world. For some reason, this also has the effect of
erasing all memory of what is removed from living memory. Computer and
hard copy storage is not affected."
Magnus: "There are times something like that would have been useful...
but then collecting might have been difficult. Now, if I have got this
straight, if I were to use the device on, for example, Adric, no one
would remember him, including me."
Varne: "Lord, no one is paying."
Magnus: "So what? It will be interesting to find out what happens when
someone forgets their main reason for existence."
Doctor: "But if you can't remember what you have done, what is the
Magnus: "You did say computers weren't affected. I have been recording
this conversation with instructions to replay as soon as I use this
Pulling a notebook out of a pocket that looked too small to hold it,
Magnus started writing. Pulling a couple of sheets out of the book he
addressed one to Nyssa and the other to the ADF.
"Varne, could you please take these over to the bar and get another
round in?"
As she returned, there was a tinkle as one of the spikes worked free
and dropped to the floor. Magnus picked up the gadget and pressed
'enter'. The body and a section of floor disappeared. Magnus twitched
slightly as his neuro link replayed the previous five minutes.
Magnus: "Doctor, I came across this reference to a possible ex companion
of yours. Ever heard of Adric?"
Doctor: "The name seems familiar, but I can't place it."
Magnus: "Varne, take this gadget to the bar and ask the barman to give
it to whoever asks."

This is as far as I go with this as there are much better writers here. All
memories of Adric have been removed, but anything on paper or
recorded will still be there. If anyone wants to follow this up, feel free.
Both the notes read "If you want to know what you are missing, get
the gadget and press space and return."

Ken Young
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