Magnus yawned. Pulling a book out of his pocket, he dropped it in
front of Varne.
Magnus: "OK. It was a dirty trick, but if she had taken time to change,
she could have blown him away with no trouble. Now try working
your way through the advanced conjuration section in here. I want the
Doctor's advice."
Pulling what seemed to be a simple device from his pocket, he passed
it to the Doctor. Varne pulled a pad and pencil from her pocket and
started making notes.
Doctor: "A long time since I saw one of those."
Magnus: "It does not work. It should, but I can't find any faults."
Doctor: "The settings are wrong. You need to have the corner
coordinates set before activating it. Here, let me show you."
Tapping a keypad on the unit, the Doctor pressed the entry key.
Nothing noticeable happened.
Magnus: "Well?"
Doctor: "It's the side effect - anything we store with this is forgotten.
Now we are in a bar, but I can't see a counter or a barman. So we hit
recall and see what happens."
The counter and a rather stunned barman reappears.
Magnus: "Thank you, Doctor. Varne, how are you getting on?"
Varne: "Fine, Lord, though I am not sure about these last two matrix
Attracted by the mathematical terms, Adric joined them. Glancing at
the notepad he picked up a pen.
Adric: "It's easy, you just invert these terms and multiply by the
third matrix."
Varne: "Lord?"
Magnus: "Keep it clean, they charge for removing blood. By the way,
don't call me Lord."
Adric crumpled to the floor with spikes protruding from both eyes.
Magnus: "Nicely done, Varne. I would have probably missed with the
second throwing spike. I apologise, Doctor, but Varne gets irritated
with unwanted advice."

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