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Author's Note: C sharp

Real Author's Note:

Here it is, the second episode of Mystery Psycho Theater 3000.
You, the readers, asked for more, so you're getting it. This one
has more of everything: more puns; more obscure pop-culture
references; more song lyrics; more potty-humor; more sexual
innuendo (lots more, actually); more whapping on the head. Plus,
the SOL gang take plenty of sarcastic swipes at topics including
abstract art, drug abuse, France, the Democratic Party, lesbianism,
Generation-X'ers, and Tegan Jovanka. If any of these things are
not your cup of tea, don't say you weren't warned. Oh, and this
one has poetry!

And, in case it needs to be said, this isn't part of regular TDF

Copyright Notes:

'Doctor Who' belongs to the BBC.
'Mystery Science Theater 3000' belongs to Best Brains, Inc.
Doug, Diane, and the ADF created by Douglas Killings.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
The fan-fiction 'Birthright of a Time Lord' and the 'Stories of
Nyssa' series of which it is a part are the work of David E. Woon.
No infringement of any copyright is intended, and no offense is
intended to Mr. Woon, no matter how it may sound at times. This
story actually holds a special place in my heart as one of the first
fan-fics I ever read. If Mr. Woon happens to be reading this, just
consider this another form of C&C, okay?

Archivist's Note:

Characters: Adric, Harry Sullivan, Nyssa, Others
Categories: 'This Time Round'; 'To Die For' spinoff series;
Humor; Crossover with 'Mystery Science Theater 3000
Synopsis: Nyssa and the SOL gang take on 'Birthright of a Time


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