Author's notes:

Back by popular demand, it's the ninth chapter in the lives of five
people with severe problems, the most severe being their captivity
on a satellite where they are forced to read bad fan fiction. This
chapter is rated PG for language, innuendo, and tastelessness.

Basically, if that would offend you or if you have some objection to
riffs involving video games, Monty Python, death, racial
stereotypes, obscure movie and TV references, drugs, or other,
weirder stuff, don't read this.

This is for Imran and Ken, just because.

Thank you.

Copyright Notes:

'Doctor Who' belongs to the BBC.
'Mystery Science Theater 3000' belongs to Best Brains, Inc.
Doug, Diane, and the ADF created by Douglas Killings.
Mistress Helen created by Helen Fayle.
Varne created by Ken Young.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
The fan-fiction 'The Death of Doctor Who' is the property of
Charles Daniels; 'Devil-Goblins from Neptune: Year Zero' is
property of Keith Topping; 'Death of a Soldier' is property of
Richard Eberhardt. All are used without permission. No
infringement of any copyright is intended, nor is any offense
meant to any of the authors.

Archivist's Note:

Regular Characters: Adric, Harry Sullivan, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka

Other Recurring Characters: Francois the Ogron, Doug, Diane,
Number One, Varne

Categories: 'This Time Round'; 'To Die For' spinoff series; Humor;
Crossover with 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

Synopsis: Big changes are afoot for the cast as the SOL crew
face down a triumvirate of fan-fictional horrors.

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