Clive May

Competition Night - Someone has 'fixed' the outcome of The Kill the Little Creep Sweepstake! But the burning question is: qui bono?

Ducking In Time - One of the 'Round's employees takes a much needed time-out.

Dyspepsia Rules KO! - Mel mistakes a P for a T with terrifying results.

A Hunting We Will Go - The Fourth Doctor and Leela go hunting in the Cyberland Woods.

Masquerade - The Doctor tries to warn Adric about a change of plan...

Mithridates, He Died Old - [with JFG] - Susan's cooking proves the downfall of the Ether Bunny.

Rite of Passage - Adric's about to lose a lot more than his life...

The Stork's Misfortune - Wetting the baby's head when an Ether Bunny is the father can be a full-time career.

Thoth Agog's Dream - A tale of a frog dreaming he is a god dreaming he is a frog.

What! No Adric for the Pterodactyl? - Well! It's marginally better than whining about the Adrics.