Paul Andinach

Answering Insult With Injury - Some things really get to Number One...

At A Loose End - [with Igenlode Wordsmith] - The delivery of Paul's wedding present to Danik and L'Aiglonne goes better than expected.

Candy and Hatsheput, Concluded - A brief moment in verse from the fourth Pro-Fun Party.

Clifton-James Night At This Time Round - Special rules for tonight's Theme Night. Follow-up to "Limited Access".

Let's Do That Time Warp Again - Explaining Gadzikowski's Law of Crucitemporal Interference...

Limited Access - Some characters ensure their entry to This Time Round. Prelude to "Clifton-James Night At This Time Round".

Poker Night: Count the Jacks - Jack Harkness assesses his opposition. Double-drabble.

TTR Scenes We'll Never See, No. 4586: Aliens of Paris - The Ninth Doctor discovers the identity of his latest foes. For the 'France' drabble challenge.