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Rare Stakes - B. K. Willis - The First Annual TTR Time Travelers' Crossover Poker Tournament is on. This could get messy...

Re: Creation - Imran Inayat - The Eighth's companions cope with transformation and transcendence.

A Real Dead Ringer - Paul_Pippa - Ace runs into a familiar face.

Rebuttal - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctors respond to perceived libel. Followup to Douglas B. Killings' "19 May 1999".

Red Tape Blues - B. K. Willis - Adric battles bureaucracy in the afterworld.

Redefinition - Vicky J. - Alistair just wants to ask out the quiet girl in the corner, but when a fluffy American high school romance is attempted at a British boarding school, things start getting *really* /weird/...

Reflections of Reality - Pro-Fun Round-Robin 2003 - Who needs Hades? Our heroes have enough problems as it is.

Relative Obscurity #2 - Paul_Pippa - Andred and his guests realise their mistake. Minific. Followup to Daibhid Ceannaideach's .

Relatively Fabulous - Kenneth Andrews - The Doctor can be his own worst critic.

Relatively Speaking - Lorrill Buyens - A private party closes This Time Round.

Rememberance - Imran Inayat - Remembering the dead.

Reminders - Imran Inayat - On a friendship. Drabble.

Reprise - Imran Inayat - So what happens next?

Rest Stop - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Introducing Bob on the way to the Quadrille.

Retirement Bonus - John Elliott - A con-man attempts to ply his trade on the residents of Dunvworpin'. Naturally, they're not about to stand for it. Spoilers for the Big Finish Companion Chronicle "Second Chances".

RetroPunk - Tony Velasquez - The Doctor and his companions return to This Time Round to find everyone else has changed.

Rite of Passage - Clive May - Adric's about to lose a lot more than his life...

The Ritual - Susannah Tiller - Time to throw things. A sequel to "The Kiss".

The Road Not Taken - Imran Inayat - Sylv Doctor gets a chance to see what could have happened. Double-drabble. Side-story for the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

Rock The Casbah - Mags L. Halliday - With two killer babes after their blood, Spike and Adric do what all men would in such a situation. They go down the pub.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Romana Meets Sarah Jane - J2rider - Bringing Romana to the Round may not have been the best idea.

The Rosette - Adrian J. McClure - Drabble. In which a pressing continuity question is given a surprising answer.

Ruffled Feathers - B. K. Willis - A fanfic author must deal with hurt feelings in This Time Round.