Douglas B. Killings

One Little Word - Nyssa corners her prey.

19 May 1999 - The entire gang goes out to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Access Limited - Rules enforcement at the This Time Round.

Adric's New Role - What other roles are available for someone who keeps dying?

Adric Shrugged - A small rebellion at This Time Round.

Another Anime Crossover - An anime pain-in-the-ass visits the 'Round.

Another Word From Our Sponsor - You can run, but you can't hide.

Character Traits - What shows do fictional characters watch?

The Crime Travelers - Once, there was a gang who actually tried to rob This Time Round...

Dead Again - Why Adric won't stay dead.

Dead Again Celebration - The Adric Award's namesake reflects on the results of the 1999 balloting.

Dead Again Winged - The usual post-mortem talk is interrupted.

Dead Not Again - What goes around comes around. A sequel to "On The Nature Of Obsession" by B. K. Willis.

Dead Still Again - Another post-mortem conversation.

Dead Yet Again - Yet another post-mortem conversation.

Dead Yet Still Again - Adric and Death, together again.

Friendly Advice - Adric gets some odd advice from his friends.

Friendly Fire - Adric tries to get by with a little help from his friends.

Friendly Gestures - Adric's friends push their romantic agenda forward -- whether he wants it or not.

Friendly Hopes - Adric has a really, really, bad day that leads to a moment of epiphany.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

A House of Horrors - What horrors await the cast this Halloween?

Light Matters - Adric's friends continue to place him in harm's way.

Liquid Reprisals - Adric invents a response to 'Adric's Demise'.

A Little Justice - Psycho Nyssa encounters a group even more loathsome than Adric.

More Hatred And Laziness - Response to the 1/10 Drabble "Hatred and Laziness".

New Blood - Adric scopes out the newbie.

Nocturnal Interludes - Nyssa needs help, but doesn't neccessarily want it.

Scenes That Almost Happened - Will Adric finally get his fondest wish?

Split Infinitives - More banter among various fan versions of one character.

Story Time: Cinderella - Another story time at the Day Care Centre Outside Continuity.

Support Group - A group of characters find some support for their unique problem.

A TDF Christmas - Something special's in the air this year.

Vendetta - A war on fanfic writers begins...

Waiting For Doug - A few lightly-used companions gather around for a drink.

Waiting For Doug - The Sequel - The even /less/ used companions gather around.

A Word From Our Sponsor - As the market moves faster and faster, bad timing can be fatal for an investor.

Yet Another Adric Dead Fic - Adric gets bumped off again.