Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - A gathering in This Time Round discuss Visions, and the woman who was breaking boards.

Guys and Daleks - A discussion in This Time Round of the best way to get somewhere.

Mithridates, He Died Old - [with Clive May] - Susan's cooking proves the downfall of the Ether Bunny.

Spring Break - Break Time - The Sixth Doctor tries to order a drink in This Time Round.

Tall Tales - A Tall Tale telling competition in the This Time Round.

Tall Tales Too - In the Missouri Valley in 1870, the TARDIS crew come across Mr Fink, and help save a village from flooding, using a combination of Gators, Goobers and Glue. Bizarre but wonderful.

Union Maid - Nyssa tries to get the characters organised in this sesquidrabble.

Units of Payment - UNIT dating doesn't just cause problems for the fans.