Eric Adcock

All Things Scottish - If it's not Scottish...

Captain Wrack Meets Captain Jack - A drabble that's just what it says. Posted on wordoftheday100.

Fire Water - Ace 'misinterprets' Benny's request... Written for dw100's 'light' drabble challenge.

The Gazillion Doctors - Written for dw100's 'reunion' drabble challenge. It's Doctors Night in This Time Round...

Hello, I Must Be Going - Ninth has the chance to do something Eighth never could. Drabble.

Prickly Pairing - Rose's drinking companion is a little on the... prickly side. Written for the "plant" challenge on dw100.

Some Days You Eat The Bear - A generic TTR/TDF episode.

Wrestling With A Challenge - For the dw100 "wrestling" challenge. Naked jelly wrestling at This Time Round... (Nudity and adult humour)

You Can't Take Them Anywhere - For the dw100 "Newton's Third Law" challenge. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.