Helen Fayle

And All Because... - Back when the 13th Doctor and the Master were dating...

The Better Angles of Our Nature - Another case in the Doctor's defence. Drabble. Followup to John Elliott's "Various Angles".

Dead Man's Hand - Take a fall, or play to win. It's your choice. For the 'cards' drabble challenge.

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Minds - A late night anime session on board the Satellite of Love leads to an interesting discussion... :)

The Evil that Men Do - Sequel to Paul Gadzikowski's "All Things To All People". The Master congratulates the Doctor on his victory...

Grrl Power - [with Mags L. Halliday] - The back room of TTR has been booked for a very special night, but it seems some types just can't stop thinking about work.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

I Sing The Body Electric - Not for the first time, characters compare notes on how badly they get treated by the writers. 2 of 3, followup to "Pop Culture Preferences" and continued in "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

It's My Party - TTR celebrates the 40th anniversary. Written for the 'forty' drabble challenge.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Love is in the air... much to the irritation of some. :) 3 of 3, followup to "Pop Culture Preferences" and "I Sing The Body Electric".

Legends - In which a small get-together reflects on the things they share.

Name Checks - A new companion tries to enter This Time Round. Continued in Imran Inayat's "Back Dating".

Pop Culture Preferences - Francois forgets about a crossover character who's been a regular for some time. 1 of 3, continued in "I Sing The Body Electric" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

"Princes of the Universe" - A horrible thought as to the origin of the Immortals occurs to Duncan Macleod... Part 2 of 2, begun in "There can be only one".

Say It With Flowers - Zoe's Flower Emporium, THE place to shop for those Valentine's Day essentials.

Scenes That Will Never Happen - The wedding's about to begin.

Schrödinger's Theory of Indeterminate Existential Angst - So, can Artificial Personality Fragments get into the 'Round? Drabble. Spoilers for the last half of Season 3.

Seeing Double - Future developments come under discussion in the 'Round. Followup to Imran Inayat's "I Think I'm Going Crosseyed...".

Shifting Planes Of Reality - Crossover with 'The Lost World'. The varying states of reality on the plateau interact with one of the most dangerous locations yet.

"There can be only one" - A 'scene that will never happen', in which the True Meaning of Adric's resurrections is revealed... or not. ;-) Part 1 of 2, continued in "Princes of the Universe"

The Uninvited Guest - A radw flamewar spills over into the Round.

Veteran of the Psycho Wars - Adric asks for an end to the bloodshed, in song.

"Welcome to my nightmare" - "Welcome to every man's worst nightmare, the missus and the ex." Double-drabble, spoilers for 'The Sound of Drums'.