The Peri Arc

Eight Doctors + one Perpugilliam Brown + a host of supporting characters = one of the oddest romances you're likely to see this side of... well, anywhere, quite frankly, all from the mind of Paul Gadzikowski.

The Eight Peris - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor and Peri tie the knot in the midst of truly epic self-reference.

Anticipation - Paul Gadzikowski - Anticipation isn't /always/ the best torture...

Celebrate - Paul Gadzikowski - Synchronicity strikes on an author's anniversary.

Consensus - Paul Gadzikowski - The Doctor is of one mind for once.

Forget Something? - Paul Gadzikowski - Timing is everything.

I Sing The Body Electra - Paul Gadzikowski - Not a family affair after all.

Intelligence Gathering - Paul Gadzikowski - Sarah's journalistic nose catches a whiff of something.

The King To Come - Paul Gadzikowski - Camelot defeats the Valeyard.

La Femme Perpugilliam - Paul Gadzikowski - No-one saw this one coming...

The Light's On, But... - Paul Gadzikowski - Things take a while to sink in.

Linguistic Lesson - Paul Gadzikowski - Not everything is lost in translation.

Loves' Labours - Paul Gadzikowski - Everyone's getting in on the romantic spirit.

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Secretion - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri goes to Hogwarts' - or does she?

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Sucrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Mission accomplished - or is it?

Peri Brown and the Chimney of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - The school librarian wants to discuss a secret with Peri. Question is, is it the right one?

Peri Brown and the Chimpanzee of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Doubles crossed and swashes buckled.

Peri Brown and the J.J. Chambers of Secrets - Paul Gadzikowski - Full circle (no Marshmen).

Say It Isn't So - Paul Gadzikowski - And you thought the Doctor's origins were confusing.

Schlock Value - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard sticks his nose, or his foot, in.

Strange Bedfellows - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard initiates a jihad. A feud. All right, a spot of bother.

Thanks, I Needed That - Paul Gadzikowski - Cold water still does what it always did.

Too Horrible To Think About - Paul Gadzikowski - Peri is faced with the nemesis she thought she'd escaped for all time.

The Voice Of Experience - Paul Gadzikowski - The loveblind leading the loveblind.

War Is Over - Paul Gadzikowski - The obligatory peace conference.

When Things Go Wrong... - Paul Gadzikowski - The Valeyard gets what he wants. Well, actually...