Imran Inayat

One Evening In The Channel - The TTR muses' reaction to recent Subreal events.

About A Girl - It's not easy. Especially when it's your daughter you're talking about.

"...And a Heaven of Hell." - What is Hell to a Dalek? Double-drabble, spoilers for 'Dalek'.

Angelus Ex Machina - Sometimes, divine intervention is the only way out.

Argument With The Vampire - Spike lays down a few home truths.

'Ask The Author' Was Never Like This... - LWT Management. Mailbag. Big trouble.

Avoidance Tactics - Some things require drastic measures...

Back Dating - Anji tries to get into the 'Round... /again/. Followup to Helen Fayle's "Name Checks".

Bat Outta Hell - A glimpse at how two 'Buffy' characters settle in round the 'Round.

Bearing Down - Things go up, things come down.

Before And After - Sometimes, the price is worth it.

Blast From The Past - Kari's ex shows up, and she's _not_ here to throw him a welcoming party...

Bollywood Babylon - Anji draws a few parallels between TDF and Indian movies, with a little musical assistance.

Both Sides of the Tracks - Scene setting can reveal surprises of its own, especially in Subreality.

Breakfast At Ucchans - Thinking about the past, and looking to the future, at Ucchan's Okonomiyaki Restaurant.

Breaking the Pedestal - The Masters find certain aspects of "The End of Time" deeply satisfying. Drabble. Spoilers for "The End of Time", part two.

Breakout! - The Doctor's working on what?!

The Calliope Files: Allie - Allie's family secrets reach into a piece of the Queen Muse's past - even if Allie doesn't realise it.

The Calliope Files: Xeffy - It's Little Sister's turn at the microphone now...

Careless Talk - Kiyone and Mara discover the dangers of talking in your sleep...

Casting Off - Everyone gets what's coming to them.

Chains - Some people find leaving high school rather harder than others.

Chasing Skuld - Where /do/ you find a teenage goddess with boyfriend trouble?

A Complete Fluke - It's just a kazoo, right? A prequel to Helen Fayle's "It's My Party", written for the 'forty' drabble challenge.

Consultation - Destrii's hospitalisation raises some difficult issues for the Doctor. Spoilers for the DWM strip 'Bad Blood'.

Cutting Loose - A forgotten companion sets out to team up with the gang.

Day Of The Tentacles - Something's whacked Roger Master in the face with a mouthful of tentacles, and it's down to Ayna and Xeffy to solve the mystery. Uh-oh...

Did Someone Say 'Index File'? - Allie and Imran try their hands at this 'self-referentiality' thing... Written for 2000's Adric Awards.

Dividing By Zero - If the consequences of "Neverland" were messy, "Zagreus" is even worse. Spoilers for the Big Finish audio "Zagreus".

The Doctor's Wives - The Doctor's newest wife brings him to meet the others. Drabble. Spoilers for "The Doctor's Wife".

Doppelgänger Syndrome - The first time Matt meets a double. Drabble. Second in the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

Double-Edged - Friendship cuts both ways.

Dragon's Den - The Master's latest scheme is assessed. Spoilers for "The End of Time", Part One.

Dream Interrogation - Frobisher heads into the Dreaming to investigate a familiar murder case.

Educating Frobisher - Frobisher goes undercover at H. G. Wells'... only to find that going back to school isn't as easy as it seems.

E-Mail From The Home Front - Anji and Fitz catch up on the news from back home.

Enrolment - In which Destrii learns what signing on for the long haul _really_ means.

Ever Have One Of Those Days? - Fluff. Just fluff.

The Exposition Game - Expositions, and how _not_ to do them.

Face/Off - The bitch is back.

Fallout - The toddlers clear up the mess from Number One's encounter. Follow up to B. K. Willis's "Bete Noire".

Family Feuds - Could this be the start of something big? (well, small, relatively speaking...)

Family Matters - Introducing Chloe, the latest member of the family...

First Contact - Is Kari ready for school? Is school ready for him?

Gale-force - [with Cyber Moggy] - It's a dark and stormy evening when two strange girls arrive at the 'Round...

Part One - Part Two

Ghosts Of The Past - A simple request provides big problems for Katarina and Sandra... Continued in "Quantum Mechanics".

The Girl In The Mirror - Xeffy versus the WANKERs. The poor bastards just can't catch a break...

Girl Talk - School, boys, and food. Just another girl-talk session in Nameless.

The Great Ice Cream Caper - Trouble in the afterlife, teenage goddesses, and terrific ice cream.

Ground Work - The story of how an unlikely quartet first met.

Hardly Helping... - Who on earth'd want to work in a place like this? The Proprietor of This Time Round is about to find out... again.

He's Back, And... - The new Doctor for 2005 has been announced - and the shockwaves ripple across the Outside settings...

Here's... Who? - The Doctor's planning a wedding - but who are Bowman & Smith's Celebrations?

Hey, Isn't That...? - Before you can check in at Fantasy Island, you've got to get there. Preferably in one piece.

I Think I'm Going Crosseyed - Introducing... the (a?) new Ninth Doctor. Continued in Helen Fayle's "Seeing Double" and churst4201's sequel.

Il-Lum-Ination - Lum crashes the holiday, and Fey reveals her hidden past.

In A Good Cause - Sam has her own method of dealing with dead-fics...

In The Shadow Of Regeneration - On the Tenth Doctor's forthcoming regeneration. Double-drabble. No spoilers.

Infinite Eights - The Doctor needed /someone/ to fill in for him on holiday...

Into The Blue - As the Doctor faces the future, the TARDIS deals with her own problems.

An Introduction To Basic Magic - [with Ken Young] - Introductory magic lectures at H. G. Wells. Pay attention, this may be important...

Invasion Of The Fan Ninjas! - Who are the Fan Ninjas? And why do they make Team Rocket look competent?

It's All Getting A Bit Silly - Tenth invites his new friends to Christmas at the 'Round. Drabble. Spoilers for 'The Next Doctor'.

Just Us Toddlers - A big hand, please, for... the Justice Toddlers!

Karaoke! - The Doctor tries to take everyone's mind off things... with karaoke. Uh-oh.

Keeping It In The Family - In which David Doctor gets /worse/ (if that's possible). Double-drabble. Spoilers for 'The Doctor's Daughter'.

Liminality - Matt Doctor's not quite himself at the moment. Fourth in the 'Matt's Ghost' series. Vague spoilers for Eleventh's character.

Look Who's... - Introducing Look Who's Talking, the day care centre outside continuity.

Lucidity - The tale of the Sandman's meeting with a newcomer to his realm.

Making The Leap - Matt and Amy get ready for their debut. Triple drabble. Conclusion to the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

Mary-Sue Syndrome - The Eighth Doctor, his companions, and an unwary author find a story spiralling out of control...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Matt's Ghost - Matt Doctor has his very own ghost. Drabble. First in the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

A Matter Of Identity - The visit of an official from the Divinity and Personal Rolls Office sets a bizarre train of events in motion for the Allingham family...

Maybe Some Other Time - Allie's prepared for 2001's Adric Awards - but not for her new visitor...

Meeting Monsters - Charley has a stalker, Ryouga has a brief encounter, and Pokemon fall from the sky.

Missed A Trick - The Proprietor laments a missed opportunity for Halloween 2009. Drabble.

Mistress of the Universe - Destrii has the Sword of Grayskull. This can't end well. Drabble written for adwc's 'Crossed Swords' challenge.

The Money's In The Kitty - The girls aren't happy with Fitz's latest round of gambling... Followup to Mags L Halliday's "All Bets Are Off".

Moving In - Allie's family move in.

Musings - Introducing perhaps the only Muse on work experience.

My Life (And Welcome To It) - On friends and family.

Naming Names - Matt's ghost shares a secret. Drabble. Third in the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

Night Call - Tara, Spike and their housemates learn not all vampires are created equal.

Night Shift - Fitz thinks about recent events.

Now And Again - No-one's dealing well with Izzy's Inside change. Least of all Izzy.

Now Meet... - Introducing the Round's latest superhero.

_Now_ You Mention This? - Friends don't let friends meet friends. Not least for the embarrassment factor...

The Obligatory Morning After Fic - Exactly what it says it is. Dialogue-only fic.

The Observer Principle - The consequences aren't getting any simpler.

Old Tricks - The new companions have a run in with the lunatic Cyber Killer.

On Thin Ice - Kuno's on a rampage at the ice rink. Guess who drew the short straw...

Opportunity Doesn't Knock - The Proprietor's in a bit of a snit. Spoilers for "Vincent and the Doctor".

Outside The Box - Conflict resolution, toddler style.

Outta My Head... - Charley, Ryouga, and Skuld, out of their heads... and in someone else's.

Paradigm Shift - Or 'Return of the Fan Ninjas!'

Part 1 - Part 2

A Pause For Thought - The Doctor muses over a cup of tea.

Prodigal Shadows - The thread is cut. The knot unravels.

Quantum Mechanics - The request's solution is simple enough. Its consequences aren't. Followup to "Ghosts Of The Past".

Questioning The Book - Izzy is suspicious about the Storybook's involvement in the 2010 Christmas special... Mild spoilers for the special's title and concept.

Re: Creation - The Eighth's companions cope with transformation and transcendence.

Rememberance - Remembering the dead.

Reminders - On a friendship. Drabble.

Reprise - So what happens next?

The Road Not Taken - Sylv Doctor gets a chance to see what could have happened. Double-drabble. Side-story for the 'Matt's Ghost' series.

Scenes From A Playgroup - Another normal day in the day care centre, with added harassed demonesses...

"Secrets Of A Demon Lord's Harem!" - with assistance from B. K. Willis - Welcome to the Talk Show From Hell...

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Shadowscreen - Fey attempts to avoid Varla's newfound purpose. Followup to B. K. Willis's "Immanuel Kant Would Cry".

Singer By The Sea - Songs and secrets by the seashore.

Sittin' By The Edge Of The Pool - Ayeka and the Doctor discuss Time, trust, and betrayal.

Skool Daze - The Eighth Doctor's companions see Chloe off on her first day at school - and run into some all-too-familiar faces.

Sleight of Eye - Sometimes, the eye is quicker than the hand.

The Spark Within - "No Silicon Heaven? Then where do all the calculators go?" - Kryten, 'Red Dwarf'.

Sticks and Stones... - Adric finds a new way of avoiding Psycho Nyssa.

Still Standing - The good fight never ends. But everyone needs breathing space. Spoilers for Angel 5.22, 'Not Fade Away'.

Story Time - The Princess Bride - When Chloe gets sick, Anji decides to tell her a story. Except she's pretty sure it didn't go like this...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Take It In Threes - Hoedowns and card readings point to future directions.

Taking The First Steps - Consolidating a few changes.

A Tale of Three Temples - Soul searching, and having souls searched.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Talk Talk - Conversations in various heads.

They'll Let Anyone In These Days... - Life, death, and delirium in the nursery... oh, and Alsatian puppies, too.

*This* Is Football?! - They think it's all over... but is it?

This Isn't The Yellow Brick Road... - Fred discovers the power of PLOT Holes...

Thunderstruck - Anji gets struck by lightning, Fitz has a date with a goddess, and Polly finally snaps.

Toontime! - [with Daibhid Ceannaideach] - Join Allie, Imran, Daibhid, and Bob the Muse as they discover This Toon Round. With much silliness, plotlessness, general meandering and an innocent tagline that got caught in the crossfire...

Part 1 - Part 2

Transitions - Beginnings and endings after the 2002 Adric Awards.

Travelling Companions - After you've discovered the truth... what then? Spoilers for "Rose".

Up On The Roof - In one moment, everything can change.

The Value of Villainy - The Masters get curious as to /why/ the Deadly Assassin and Keeper of Traken Masters are so concerned about their reputation. Spoilers for "The End of Time" Part Two.

Vice Versa? - Izzy. Bodyswapped. Not good. /Not/ good.

Washed Up - The Justice Toddlers find themselves onboard a unique pirate ship...

We're All Going... - Will a holiday solve our heroes' problems? Fat chance.

We're On The Air! (well, sorta...) - Lights, camera...

Welcome To The Microcosm - A bit of nonsense showcasing reactions to the Eleventh Doctor's casting. Vague description spoilers at the most.

When All's Said And Done - A brief interlude in the aftermath of the 2001 Adric Awards Ceremony. Follows on from "2002 Awards Show".

When The Dust Settled - In the aftermath of S7 "Buffy", Spike has some things to sort out - like, what the Hell happens now?

Who's That Girl? - Izzy meets the toddlers. Be afraid. Be _very_ afraid.

Wrong-Footed - In which we discover the trouble with jumping to conclusions. Follow-up to "Day Of The Tentacles".

X, Y, Z... - A journey through the worlds of alt.drwho.creative, Imran-style. Imran's 100th solo TTR story.

You Can Call Me Al (or Fitz) - Clones. Keys. Ships. And identity crises.

You Have _Got_ To Be Kidding... - The pub outside continuity and the day care centre outside continuity collide.

You're /Not/ Helping... - In which the Proprietor demonstrates he can't even /buy/ good help.

ZigZag - A coda to the Big Finish audio "Neverland". The Eighth Doctor and his companions face the price of his actions.