Song parodies, original songs, and poems about This Time Round and the characters within.

The Twelve Days of Psychosis - B. K. Willis - Christmas caroling the Psycho Nyssa way.

Apologies - Tyler Dion - The Eighth Doctor tries to apologise to Susan with a filk in This Time Round.

The Bartender's Lament - Diane Brendan - This Time Round's bartender ponders something forever out of reach in this poem.

Candy and Hatsheput, Concluded - Paul Andinach - A brief moment in verse from the fourth Pro-Fun Party.

Charms to Soothe - Paul Gadzikowski - This Time Round piece with a Clapton filk.

Cum On Feel The Dokter Hoo Tribyoot - Daibhid Ceannaideach - Bob and Dave 'entertain' the 'Round at the 40th anniversary party. Follows on from Helen Fayle's "It's My Party".

Dancing on the Darkside - Graham Woodland - A complete and total filk of Bruce Springsteen's album _Born in the USA_, which may, in certain respects, prove to be an allusive autobiography of its singer, Candie Harcourt, also known as Candy of Swevyn and Candie HarDDD...

Advisory and Notes
'Born in the City of Electric Youth Dreams'
'Come over Me Softly with Your Song of Songs'
'You Got to Move over Darling Daughter of Darkness'
'Working on the Dream Stream My Way and the Highway'
'Wrack of the Ticket to Ride the Darkbound Train'
'I'm on Fire at Will (Set Phasers to Kill)'
'Just Say No Remainder Never No More'
'Like a Battery Bray of Blight out of Hell'
'Going Down to the Valley of the Shadow of the Guys and Blow-Up Dolls'
'Thank You for the Gory Days of Wine and Rambling Roses'
'Dancing in the Dark is the Heart, Yeah Yeah Yeah'
'Holding out for a Hero in Our Own Homeground till the End of the Night'

Furzeday is Filk Night at This Time Round - Erin Tumilty - Sanki introduces the musical entertainment in the bar outside continuity.

No More Little Miss Nice Girl - B. K. Willis - A musical reflection on Psycho Nyssa's attitude.

Off-beat - Molly Schlemmer - Poetry Night at the 'Round - in the form of a poem. :)

Sadism 4: Christmas Falls On Furzeday - Erin Tumilty - Nyssa's evil christmas filk.

Suddenly Nyssa - Kenneth Andrews - The cartoon treatment for odd behaviour works on Nyssa - or does it?

Veteran of the Psycho Wars - Helen Fayle - Adric asks for an end to the bloodshed, in song.

Young, Dumb and Ugly - B. K. Willis - This Time Round's 'bad boys' find themselves a theme song.