Paul Gadzikowski

One Minute Fiction - Book enthusiasm in This Time Round.

Five Minute Fiction - Stressful news in This Time Round.

The Eight Peris - The Doctor and Peri tie the knot in the midst of truly epic self-reference.

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #3 - Five newcomers arrive in the Badlands...

All Things To All People - The Valeyard discovers the Doctor can beat him at his own game.

Anticipation - Anticipation isn't /always/ the best torture...

Can of Worms - A This Time Round short.

Celebrate - Synchronicity strikes on an author's anniversary.

Charms to Soothe - This Time Round piece with a Clapton filk.

Clean-Up Crew - A plot hole is filled in, with divers commentary.

Cliche Already - A This Time Round crossover card game.

Common Touch - Everyone has romantic problems...

Consensus - The Doctor is of one mind for once.

Consolation Prize - Settling for a TTR story might not be so bad...

The End? - Mutual promotion in This Time Round.

Forget Something? - Timing is everything.

Hideous Kinky - Peri's moaning leads to an escalation of hostilities in This Time Round.

I Sing The Body Electra - Not a family affair after all.

Intelligence Gathering - Sarah's journalistic nose catches a whiff of something.

The King To Come - Camelot defeats the Valeyard.

La Femme Perpugilliam - No-one saw this one coming...

Letter Of The Law - The Master takes a part-time job.

The Light's On, But... - Things take a while to sink in.

Linguistic Lesson - Not everything is lost in translation.

Loves' Labours - Everyone's getting in on the romantic spirit.

Mirror Reflection - Adric tries setting a decoy.

MST3K: Sela - The "King Arthur In Time And Space" crew confront a "TNG" crossover from the distant past.

Part 0 - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen - Nyssa finds a support group.

Not that! Not here! - Peri & Doc 6 encounter a rare adwc flamewar.

Nothing New Under the Sun - The Master and Merlin discuss authors and fictional realities.

Out Take - Jo and the Doctor have a film to show in the This Time Round.

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Secretion - Peri goes to Hogwarts' - or does she?

Peri Brown and the Chamber of Sucrets - Mission accomplished - or is it?

Peri Brown and the Chimney of Secrets - The school librarian wants to discuss a secret with Peri. Question is, is it the right one?

Peri Brown and the Chimpanzee of Secrets - Doubles crossed and swashes buckled.

Peri Brown and the J.J Chambers of Secrets - Full circle (no Marshmen)

Promotion - A casting announcement in the Round.

Rebuttal - The Doctors respond to perceived libel. Followup to Douglas B. Killings' "19 May 1999".

Say It Isn't So - And you thought the Doctor's origins were confusing.

Schlock Value - The Valeyard sticks his nose, or his foot, in.

Set To Rights - Things aren't quite as bad as they seemed.

Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll - Benny gets Ace drunk in This Time Round, but may regret it.

Slice of Life - The Doctor makes a speculation.

Special Dispensation - The Fifth Doctor and Peri take advantage of a trip outside continuity to the This Time Round.

Strange Bedfellows - The Valeyard initiates a jihad. A feud. All right, a spot of bother.

Support Group - The unpopular companions meet in the This Time Round.

Tables Turned - Adric gets his revenge.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Thanks, I Needed That - Cold water still does what it always did.

Then Do That Over - The Doctor relives the 'best years of your life'. Yeah, *right*...

Things to Come - The characters get together in This Time Round to discuss future stories.

Too Horrible To Think About - Peri is faced with the nemesis she thought she'd escaped for all time.

The True Ultimate Foe - The Second Doctor tells the Sixth what they're up against in This Time Round.

The Voice Of Experience - The loveblind leading the loveblind.

War Is Over - The obligatory peace conference.

When Things Go Wrong... - The Valeyard gets what he wants. Well, actually...