John Elliott

Three Way Smackdown - Zoe, Mel and Clara have a hacking competition. Minor spoilers for "The Bells of Saint John".

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #1 - 'To Die For', Macauley-style.

ADWC Crossovers From Hell #5 - A.k.a. "Crazy Cathy and the Numbskulls of Northanger". Drabble.

Ages Ahead of the Fashion - Amy and Rory experiment with future fashion. Drabble. Mild spoilers for the "Amy's Choice" trailer.

Aggravating Discord - RTD's latest interview stirs up some trouble in the 'Round. Drabble.

Alternative Possibilities - Liz muses on her 'Inferno' counterpart. Double-drabble. Sort-of sequel to Vicky J.'s TARDIS Speculation.

As Human As You - Adric notices the 'Round's sudden lack of customers. Drabble. Spoilers for "The End of Time", Part One.

A Casting Conceit - Adric and his friends discuss a casting choice in Vicky J.'s "Story Time: Pride and Prejudice". Drabble.

Casting and Contrariness - Izzy calls the Librarian in to look at the Book. Drabble.

Collateral Damage - Francois has a word with Peri about her recent activities.

Department of Anti-Crime - *Someone* is not happy about the events of 'The Poison Sky'. Drabble. Spoilers for the episode.

Dutch Faith - Nyssa's latest attempt to kill Adric backfires.

Easier Said Than Done - Two linked drabbles, as someone goes recruiting for a mission. Spoilers for "The Stolen Earth".

Easier Said
Than Done

Exchange Students - As ever, sometimes the hardest part of school is just getting through the day.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Excluded Middle - Drabble. Spoilers for "The Stolen Earth". Some of the companions speculate on why they're not in the episode.

The Expert - The toddlers take on Miss Foster from "Partners in Crime". Pass the popcorn.

Floral Calendar - The Proprietor /still/ hasn't got his entry for the Merchants' Association calendar sorted out. Followup to B. K. Willis's "Cheesecake With Dates". Double-drabble.

Fool Me Once - Gwendoline /really/ should be more cautious when it comes to looking into things... Drabble.

Genius and Geniality: The Difficulties of Dialect - Victoria and Zoe seek Peri's advice for their latest adventure. Drabble. Fourth in the 'Genius and Geniality' series.

Genius and Geniality: The Protectors of Plot - Victoria has... concerns about a new Austen TV series. Drabble. Second in the 'Genius and Geniality' series.

Genius and Geniality: The Subterfuge of Substitution - Victoria needs a lookalike for her latest mission. Drabble. Fifth in the 'Genius and Geniality' series.

Genius and Geniality: The Transience of Triumph - Victoria's starting to seriously regret her actions. Third in the 'Genius and Geniality' series.

Genius and Geniality: The Verisimilitude of Videos - Victoria and Zoe unwind after an Austen-style adventure. First in the 'Genius and Geniality' series.

Going To Town - Mel runs into Zoe at the train station.

Here We Go Again - Fourth commiserates with Rose over a recent casting announcement. Spoilers for Season 5. Drabble, written for dw100's 'ouster' challenge.

Holding the Baby - Following from "Third Time Lucky". Izzy finds out what happened in her absence. Conclusion to the story that began in "Zoe Heriot and the Elf-Knight".

--icity - Charley and Lucie reflect on a C-word. Drabble. Minor spoilers for "The Night of the Doctor" mini-episode.

Identity Theft - Sequel to Vicky J's "Seeing Double". Polly finally manages to get out of the 'Continuity Cop' job. Drabble.

Interrogators and Interchangeability - A new arrival uses a new loophole to enter the 'Round. Drabble.

Jackson & Partners - Removals - They remove things. Mostly people. This /is/ Some Other Time Round, after all.

Kentucky Fried Conditioning - Zoe's still under the KFC's influence. Drabble. Sequel to Vicky J's "Chain Store Massacre". Followed up by Daibhid Ceannaideach's "Hopping Mad".

Life is Like... - Pat Doctor gets something more than a little dangerous this Valentine's.

Mirror Mirror - Every time there's a casting rumour, a new Watcher arrives...

Mostly Armless - Tenth introduces Donna to some of TTR's... stranger denizens. Drabble.

More Trouble In Store - From an LJ meme. Rewriting scenes from "Trouble in Store" with Harry's Angels.

Murder on the Outside Express - The denizens of the Round embark on a murder mystery weekend with a few differences, including Adric not being one of the victims...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Murder on the Outside Express Interlude - A glimpse at how Zoe's team worked together (or rather, /didn't/) during "Murder on the Outside Express".

The Opposition - A "Dark Carnival" side-story. Ace quizzes the 'Round's resident evil circus on why they're not getting involved with the Tods.

Party Tricks - Jamie's Angels attend the party of the millennium, and land themselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Perfect Perisher - Barbara regrets letting the candidates for Headmaster speak for themselves... Drabble. Second in the "Position Vacant" series.

Pleasures Of The Flesh - Undeath has its downsides. Drabble. Spoilers for "Hell Bent".

Preschool Peri and the Potential of Paradoxes - Little Peri answers a few questions. Drabble. Spoilers for the Big Finish audio 'Peri and the Piscon Paradox'.

Pull The Other One - A new danger lurks in the Round. Drabble. Spoilers for "Listen".

Quis Spectat Ipsos Spectatores - Who watches the Watchers? New series drabble.

A Quiet Night In - John Elliott - The cast of "Twice Upon a Time" arrive at the 'Round. Cue the requisite chaos. Spoilers for the story.

Quite Irritating - Some more reactions to Eleventh's casting. Drabble. Follow-up to Imran Inayat's "Welcome To The Microcosm".

Retirement Bonus - A con-man attempts to ply his trade on the residents of Dunvworpin'. Naturally, they're not about to stand for it. Spoilers for the Big Finish Companion Chronicle "Second Chances".

Social Climber - Jamie's Angels receive a delivery. Drabble.

Start As You Mean To Go On - The new girl at school disappears on her first day. Features a character from "Planet of the Dead".

Steel Yourself - Victoria and Zoe are invited to the Steel Maiden's Christmas party. Double-drabble.

Story Time! The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb - In the spirit of Christmas, the Master elects to tell the kids something joyful and heartwarming... well, for him, anyway. Spoilers up through 'Journey's End'.

Story Time! The Adventure of the Priory School - Rose takes on the challenge of Story Time, but finds herself a little too involved in the story... Spoilers through "The End of Time" Part Two.

Story Time! The Bruce-Partington Plans - Izzy has laryngitis, so it's time for another Holmes pastiche...

Story Time! Charles Augustus Milverton - Or 'Why the Master doesn't want Martha starring in his stories again'. Tiny spoilers for 'Partners in Crime'.

Story Time! Macbeth - Jamie has a cunning plan: read 'Macbeth' to the toddlers. This is Nameless. Cunning plans never go as intended.

Story Time! Sleeping Beauty - Izzy's retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty' encounters an unexpected hitch.

Story Time! The Coming of the Hound - The legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles gets the 'Story Time' treatment, courtesy of Dr. Watson himself. Spoilers up through 'Last of the Time Lords'.

Story Time! The Flower Fairies - A passing remark of Izzy's in Vicky J's "Special Pleading" has unfortunate effects...

Story Time! The Goose Girl - This time, the Master tells the kids the story of The Goose Girl.

Story Time! The Haunted Hotel - The Delgado Master is intent on introducing the children to proper literature - specifically, Wilkie Collins' "The Haunted Hotel".

Story Time! The Illustrious Client - Featuring Ace and Shou Yuing as Holmes and Watson, with the Dream Lord as the client. Business as usual, then. Spoilers for episode three of the 2010 BBC Sherlock miniseries.

Story Time! The Musgrave Ritual - It's the Tenth Doctor's chance to tell the kids a Sherlock Holmes story. Things go about as smoothly as might be expected (that is, /not/).

Story Time! The Six Napoleons Rassilons - What happens when Izzy lets her mind wander on the job.

Story Time! The Speckled Band - The classic Sherlock Holmes story, done 'Story Time' style. Spoilers for Season 3's 'Blink'.

Story Time! The Three Bears - It's governess Clara's turn to tell the toddlers a story.

Story Time! The Three Garridebs - Another Sherlock Holmes pastiche - with the Doctor and Master as Holmes and Watson. Just not in the roles you might expect...

Story Time! The Twelve Huntsmen - Isobel Watkins finds herself telling the toddlers the fairytale "The Twelve Huntsmen".

Sudden Flame - The H. G. Wells kids investigate when a dragon starts showing up on school grounds.

Take the High Road - Jamie finds there's a small problem when he first meets Amy. Drabble.

They Shall Not Pass - Izzy's looking for someone to keep would-be storytellers out of the nursery, but her choice /definitely/ leaves something to be desired...

Things That Happened On Midsummer Night - Jamie's Angels have their car break down one Midsummer's Night, triggering a chain of bizarre events...

Third Time Lucky - Double drabble following from Vicky J's "Twinkle, Twinkle". Zoe's plan finally succeeds... with one or two unexpected consequences. Concludes in "Holding the Baby".

Thus It Begins - A customer finds his credit's been declined. Drabble. Thematic sequel to Imran Inayat's "Breaking the Pedestal". Spoilers for "The End of Time", Part Two.

Treasons, Stratagems and Spoils - Drabble following from Vicky J's "Tell Tale". Zoe tries her plan again. Continued in Vicky J.'s "Twinkle, Twinkle".

Trick or Treat - Why you don't go trick-or-treating at Helen A's house.

Trouble in Store - Jamie's Angels are on the case when a mysterious department store appears in Nameless.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Unbearable - Baby Eleven, the Ponds, and Jamie fight Care Bears. Written for dw-straybunnies' "Twelve Prompts of Christmas" on LJ.

Undermanned - Tom Doctor offers his perspective on recent events. Drabble. Sequel to Vicky J's "Ghosthunting". Followed up by Daibhid Ceannaideach's "The End Of Another Adventure".

Uneasy Lies The Head - Clara gets coached for her new role. Drabble. Casting spoilers for Series 9.

Up To Here - In which another audition!companion arrives. Double drabble, following on from "Who'd Name A Companion After A Flower, Anyway?"

Valhalla - The Doctor meets an unexpected old friend. Spoilers for "The Doctor's Wife".

Various Angles - Eleven faces yet another reception committee. Double-drabble. Spoilers for "The Time of Angels".

Welcome to my Knightmare - Tom Doctor and the gang find themselves in Treguard's castle. "Knightmare" crossover. Drabble.

Who'd Name A Companion After A Flower, Anyway? - Who knew even audition scripts could create alternates?

You Can Run, But... - Adam Mitchell tries to hide from the approaching doom. Written for the 'conflict' challenge on dw100.

Zany Zoe and the Adaptation of Austen - Zoe explains why she's the star of the latest 'Story Time'.

Zoe Heriot and the Elf-Knight - Add-on drabble to Vicky J's "Sequelitis". Zoe plans retalitation for the Master's story. Continued in Vicky J.'s "Tell Tale"

Zweimalig Zoe And The Surprising Of Saxon - Following on from Vicky J's "Seeing Double". Harold Saxon seeks revenge on Jamie and Zoe. Drabble