Daibhid Ceannaideach

The Aging Process - Donna and Martha discuss the Tenth Doctor's aging issues. Double-drabble.

...And Out To There - How small a difference does there have to be for an alternate to show up, anyway? Sequel to John Elliott's Up To Here.

At The Last Toon Saloon - An old joke, Daibhid-style.

Back to Nature - Set after Part One of Vicky J.'s "Master Test". Martha's got some news for the Doctor. Spoilers from 'Human Nature' through 'Utopia'.

Business School - David Doctor's a wee bit too gullible for his own good. Drabble.

The Case For The Defence - Some of Eleven's past selves stand up for his decision-making. Follow-on from MizWrite's "You Could've Chosen A Better Option...".

Christmas Past - Someone wants a word with Daibhid about a certain seasonal parody...

Cum On Feel The Dokter Hoo Tribyoot - Bob and Dave 'entertain' the 'Round at the 40th anniversary party. Follows on from Helen Fayle's "It's My Party".

Dead Resentful - Amy's puzzled by Adric's resentment. Drabble.

Double Meeting - From an LJ meme. A rewrite of "The Meeting" with Amy's parents.

Down The Tube - Live-action Mornington Crescent. Drabble and a half.

Elementary, My Dear Polly - Sherlock thinks he's found a loophole in the crossover rules. Crossover with the BBC's 'Sherlock'.

The End Of Another Adventure - So: 'Famous Five' or 'Scooby Doo'? Drabble. Sequel to John Elliott's "Undermanned".

Even Masters Have Standards - Tony Master fills Roger Master in on John Master's latest exploits. Drabble and a half, following up Vicky J's 'Redefinition'.

Farce Macabre - A nosy journalist's attempt to get around the 'crossover' rule.

Forgotten Masters - The 'spinoff' Masters are not best pleased at being forgotten for the 'Master Test'.

Fundamental Intercontinuity - The TV Dirk Gently attempts to gain entrance.

Golden Agers - There's a new institution in Nameless, and the Seventh Doctor's companions *have* to investigate.

Hopping Mad - The destruction of McDonalds creates an opportunity for a new and greater evil... Drabble. Followup to Vicky J.'s "Chain Store Massacre" and John Elliott's "Kentucky Functionary Conditioning".

Identity Crisis - Martha and Ood Sigma discuss Ood psychology. Minific. Spoilers for 'Planet of the Ood'.

Incoming... - King Ycranos takes offence at Prubert Gastridge's 'delivery'... Double-drabble.

Karaoke Night: And He Liked It - The Eighth Doctor's choice of song is the subject of some discussion. Drabble.

The Man From Uncool - Eleventh's finally worked out why Tenth doesn't like him.

The Meeting - Anji goes to a meeting at Newman Primary... and finds something she really ought to have expected. Double drabble.

Memories... - Donna and Majenta want a word with Tenth. Minific. Minor spoilers for DWM's "The Crimson Hand" comic.

A Minister In The Works - Daibhid receives a message from the Minister of Chance, courtesy of Nine and Toshiko. Drabble.

Missing The Obvious - Sometimes, the answer's staring you in the face... :) Written for adwc's 'crystal' drabble challenge.

More Checking Out - Owen's curious about the new bar in town. Minific. Followup to B. K. Willis's "Checking Out The Competition".

My Crimes Against Fanfic - Daibhid and Bob the Muse pay a visit to the fabled BBC Canteen.

The Mysterious Affair of Writing Styles - Daibhid's got a Storytime idea, and Donna's not too happy... Drabble.

The Name Game - A character's origin is revealed in an inadvertant pun. Drabble. Spoilers for the 2006 Annual.

The Name Game #2 - There's some suspicion about a newcomer... Drabble. Spoilers for The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Day of the Clown", Part One.

Never The Twain - Minific. The Author Mafia have a new rule for the Proprietor. Poor bastard.

Next's Time Round - There are new faces at the 'Round, but where did they come from... and how?

Nyssa's Christmas Carol - Nyssa is visited by three ghosts which show her the error of her ways. Sort of.

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Officialdom - So, in the wake of Christopher Eccleston's departure, /is/ his Ninth Doctor official? Drabble.

Oh Yes It Is - The annual Nameless panto doesn't go down well this year. Minific.

A REL=top HREF="onmyway.html">On My Way... - Daibhid introduces another remarkably familiar parody character. Double-drabble.

One Of Our Theories Is Missing - Sixth and the Cheshire Cat, round two. Sequel to "Whatever Next". Minor spoilers for Jasper Fforde's "One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing".

Outside Temptation - A recent adventure has unexpected consequences for Sarah Jane. Minific. Spoilers for The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith".

Partners - At a metafictive get-together Chris puts his foot in it. Written for adwc's 'wolf' drabble challenge.

Position Vacant #2 - The interviewers assess the latest candidate. Minific. Third in the "Position Vacant" series. Followed up in Vicky J's "Demon Demise".

Rest Stop - Introducing Bob on the way to the Quadrille.

Silent Minorities - Roz is /not/ happy with Season 3 press coverage... Drabble.

Snakeglance - Psycho Nyssa's unhappy with recent developments. Spoilers for the Big Finish audio "The Cradle of the Snake".

Sontar-huh? - A Sontaran soldier is called to account.

Speculative Friction - The Proprietor notices some shady business round the 'Round (and it's not his). Drabble. Sort-of a sequel to Vicky J.'s TARDIS Speculation.

Start The Day - A customer at the Minister of Chance's teashop has an unwelcome request. Drabble.

Still Not Helping - The Proprietor utterly fails to learn from previous events.

Story Time! Jack And The Beanstalk - For the entertainment of the kiddies, Chris does Jack and the Beanstalk. Sort of.

Story Time! Kate Crackernuts - When the girls demand a story with more 'girl power', Izzy tells them the Scottish fairytale 'Kate Crackernuts'. Spoilers up through 'Last of the Time Lords'.

Part 1 - Part 2

Tea and Lack of Sympathy - The Proprietor /thought/ he didn't have any competition... Drabble.

Toontime! - [with Imran Inayat] - Join Allie, Imran, Daibhid, and Bob the Muse as they discover This Toon Round. With much silliness, plotlessness, general meandering and an innocent tagline that got caught in the crossfire...

Part 1 - Part 2

The Two Davids - In which Fitz meets the latest arrival at H. G. Wells. Spoilers for 'The Next Doctor'.

The Two Davids (Reprise) - David Doctor wants to correct Daibhid on "The Two Davids".

The Twice, No Future King - Marking the end of the Gadzikowski Dailies, and the beginning of Paul's new comic. Written for the 'end' drabble challenge.

The Ubiquitous Assassin - The philosophy that all incarnations of a character have a separate existence Outside just keeps getting more complicated... Minific.

The Waiting - Different Doctors, different priorities.

We're In Season 27 By Mistake - Eighth realises the implications of John Elliott's "Valhalla".

Whatever Next - The Sixth Doctor debates the metafictional status of the Thursday Next universe with the Cheshire Cat. This could get confusing.

Within The Field Of Darkness - The Jacobi Master's other selves just can't let things lie. Drabble.

Yet Another Time Round - Daibhid and Bob stumble into Flipside, the 'Round's genderflipped version.

You Might Think That... - ...but Death couldn't possibly comment. Demi-drabble.