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9th March 2018 - A multi-part Then Do That Over/Some Other Time Round story from John Elliott, "Exchange Students".

25th January 2018 - Finally popping up again with a new John Elliott story, "A Quiet Night In", with spoilers for "Twice Upon a Time".

9th December 2015 - John Elliott drabble "Pleasures Of The Flesh" now up. Spoilers for "Hell Bent". 1st November 2015 - "Trick or Treat", a 'Then Do That Over' story from John Elliott.

23rd October 2015 - New 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "Story Time! The Three Bears".

20th September 2015 - Drabble from John Elliott, "Uneasy Lies The Head", with casting spoilers for Series 9.

13th May 2015 - Minific from churst4201, an untitled sequel to Imran Inayat's "I Think I'm Going Crosseyed".

10th January 2015 - Two new stories from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Ubiquitous Assassin", with spoilers for the Big Finish Companion Chronicle "Mastermind", and the double-drabble "On My Way...".

14th September 2014 - New John Elliott drabble, "Pull The Other One", with spoilers for "Listen".

26th August 2014 - Another from John Elliott, "Retirement Bonus", with spoilers for the Big Finish Companion Chronicle "Second Chances".

16th November 2013 - John Elliott drabble "--icity" now up. Minor spoilers for "The Night of the Doctor" mini-episode.

29th April 2013 - More from John Elliott with 'Then Do That Over' fic "Sudden Flame",

1st April 2013 - New from John Elliott, "Three Way Smackdown", with minor spoilers for 'The Bells of Saint John'.

1st November 2012 - A "Dark Carnival" side-story from John Elliott, "The Opposition".

30th May 2012 - "...And Out To There", Daibhid Ceannaideach's sequel to John Elliott's "Up To Here", now up.

29th May 2012 - "Up To Here" from John Elliott, following on from "Who'd Name A Companion After A Flower, Anyway?".

1st May 2012 - "Fundamental Intercontinuity" from Daibhid Ceannaideach now up.

30th April 2012 - Yet another John Elliott fic, "Who'd Name A Companion After A Flower, Anyway?".

31st December 2011 - A 'Look Who's Talking' story from John Elliott, "Unbearable", now up.

24th November 2011 - New John Elliott story "Dutch Faith" uploaded.

4th November 2011 - Daibhid Ceannaideach's drabble "Dead Resentful" now up.

15th August 2011 - New fic from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "One Of Our Theories Is Missing"

13th July 2011 - Now up, a 'Jamie's Angels' story from John Elliott, "Party Tricks".

6th June 2011 - Another Daibhid Ceannaideach minific, "We're In Season 27 By Mistake", now up.

1st June 2011 - New almost-drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Snakeglance", with spoilers for the Big Finish audio 'The Cradle of the Snake'.

15th May 2011 - Two new fics courtesy of 'The Doctor's Wife', with spoilers - John Elliott's "Valhalla" and Imran Inayat's drabble "The Doctor's Wives".

18th April 2011 - "Preschool Peri and the Potential of Paradoxes", a new John Elliott drabble, now up.

13th March 2011 - New 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "Story Time! The Six Napoleons Rassilons".

18th February 2011 - Drabble and a half from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Down The Tube".

12th February 2011 - A LJ "recasting" meme gives us John Elliott's "More Trouble In Store" and Daibhid Ceannaideach's "Double Meeting".

4th January 2011 - Another Daibhid Ceannaideach story, "Yet Another Time Round".

29th December 2010 - New Daibhid Ceannaideach minific, "Oh Yes It Is".

20th November 2010 - A 'Look Who's Talking' drabble from Imran Inayat, "Questioning The Book", with minor spoilers for the 2010 Christmas special's name and concept.

26th September 2010 - More from John Elliott - this time, the 'Story Time' "The Illustrious Client", with spoilers for episode 3 of the BBC's 2010 "Sherlock" miniseries.

17th September 2010 - A new John Elliott drabble, "Collateral Damage", now up.

13th September 2010 - New 'Story Time' from Vicky J., "Hansel and Gretel".

13th August 2010 - A "Sherlock" crossover from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Elementary, My Dear Polly".

25th July 2010 - Now up, a 'Look Who's Talking' story from John Elliott, "The Expert".

21st July 2010 - A new Daibhid Ceannaideach drabble, "Start The Day".

6th June 2010 - Imran Inayat's "Opportunity Doesn't Knock" now up, with spoilers for "Vincent and the Doctor."

16th May 2010 - New John Elliott drabble, "Ages Ahead of the Fashion", with spoilers for the "Amy's Choice" trailer.

30th April 2010 - Now up from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Man From Uncool".

27th April 2010 - Following on from John Elliott's "Various Angles", a drabble from Helen Fayle, "The Better Angles of Our Nature".

25th April 2010 - Double-drabble from John Elliott, "Various Angles", with spoilers for "The Time of Angels".

20th April 2010 - Another pair of fics from MizWrite, "Quiet Contemplations", with spoilers up through "Victory of the Daleks", and "A New Method".

18th April 2010 - New fic from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Case For The Defence", a follow-up to MizWrite's "You Could've Chosen A Better Option".

17th April 2010 - Two more fics from MizWrite, "Who Da Man?! Really?", with mild spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour", and "I Need A Name"

16th April 2010 - Drabble-ish fic from MizWrite, "You Could've Chosen A Better Option...". SPOILERS for "The Beast Below".

5th April 2010 - Now up, a drabble from John Elliott, "Take the High Road".

3rd April 2010 - Imran Inayat's "Making The Leap", the triple drabble conclusion to the 'Matt's Ghost' series, now up.

10th March 2010 - Another Daibhid Ceannaideach drabble, "A Minister In The Works".

27th February 2010 - A 'Karaoke Night' drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "And He Liked It".

25th February 2010 - John Elliott's new 'Story Time', "The Adventure of the Priory School", now up. Spoilers through "The End of Time" Part Two.

21st February 2010 - New 'Steel Maiden' story from B. K. Willis, "Fear in a Handful of Lust".

16th February 2010 - Now up, a "Murder on the Outside Express" interlude, a brief piece from John Elliott set during "Murder on the Outside Express".

15th February 2010 - 'Then Do That Over' Valentine's Day fic from John Elliott, "Life is Like...".

14th February 2010 - New story from John Elliott, "Murder on the Outside Express".

24th January 2010 - Double-drabble from Paul Andinach, "Poker Night: Count the Jacks".

15th January 2010 - Minific from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Memories...", with minor spoilers for DWM's "The Crimson Hand" comic.

6th January 2010 - New fic from Imran Inayat, "The Value of Villainy", again with spoilers for "The End of Time" Part Two.

3rd January 2010 - Another drabble from John Elliott, "Thus It Begins", with spoilers for "The End of Time" Part Two.

3rd January 2010 - Two new fics: "Liminality", a 'Matt's Ghost' story from Imran Inayat, with vague spoilers for Eleventh's character, and "The Topys of Domo", a fic from Vicky J., with spoilers for "The End of Time" Part Two.

2nd January 2010 - Now up is "Breaking the Pedestal", a drabble from Imran Inayat. Spoilers for "The End of Time" Part Two.

26th December 2009 (2) - New John Elliott drabble, "As Human As You", again with "The End of Time" Part One spoilers.

26th December 2009 - Another fic from Imran Inayat, "Dragon's Den", with spoilers for "The End of Time" Part One.

25th December 2009 - Double-drabble from Imran Inayat, "In The Shadow Of Regeneration". No spoilers.

18th November 2009 - New drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Within The Field Of Darkness".

13th November 2009 - 'Then Do That Over' double-drabble from Imran Inayat, "The Road Not Taken".

3rd November 2009 - 'Steel Maiden' double-drabble from B. K. Willis, "Espionage A Trois".

1st November 2009 - Drabble from Imran Inayat, "Missed A Trick".

13th October 2009 - Another 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "Sleeping Beauty".

10th September 2009 - A new 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "The Haunted Hotel".

20th July 2009 - Another drabble in Imran Inayat's 'Matt's Ghost' series, "Naming Names". Spoilers for the new companion's name.

14th July 2009 (2) - New story from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Whatever Next".

14th July 2009 - A double-drabble from John Elliott, "Floral Calendar", following on from "Cheesecake With Dates".

13th July 2009 - Now up is "Cheesecake With Dates", Side A & Side B, by B. K. Willis.

6th July 2009 - Two 'Steel Maiden' fics: B. K. Willis's double-drabble "Immanuel Kant Would Cry" and Imran Inayat's followup, "Shadowscreen".

2nd July 2009 - New story from John Elliott, "Things That Happened On Midsummer Night".

29th June 2009 - Another drabble from Imran Inayat, "Reminders".

27th June 2009 - Now up is a 'Then Do That Over' drabble from Imran Inayat, "Doppelgänger Syndrome", a follow-on from "Matt's Ghost".

10th June 2009 - New story from Vicky J., "Let's Play... Blind Date".

31st May 2009 - 'Then Do That Over' drabble from Imran Inayat, "Matt's Ghost". Minor spoilers for the casting of Eleventh's companion.

3rd May 2009 - Drabble from Vicky J., "Polly's Absolutely Fool Proof Best Ever Evening Off".

18th April 2009 - 'Then Do That Over' story from John Elliott, "Start As You Mean To Go On", featuring a character from "Planet of the Dead".

5th April 2009 - Two new fics from AGOL: "Games People Play #3", and "Jealousy", a drabble.

27th March 2009 - New drabble from John Elliott, "Social Climber".

25th March 2009 - Two stories from a new series by AGOL, "Games People Play #1" and "Games People Play #2".

23rd March 2009 - Double-drabble from B. K. Willis, "Pillow Talk".

19th March 2009 - A Buffybot microfic from AGOL, "Points Of View".

10th March 2009 - Zara McAspurren's 'Then Do That Over' fic "Userspace Woes" is up.

9th March 2009 - Three new fics up: "A Quiet Evening In", a Buffybot fic from AGOL; "Business School", a 'Then Do That Over' drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach; and "Relative Obscurity #2", a followup to Daibhid's "Relative Obscurity" by solar_penguin (aka Paul_Pippa).

8th March 2009 - A small fic from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Relative Obscurity".

2nd March 2009 - A Buffybot fic from AGOL, "K9P".

5th February 2009 - A 'Then Do That Over' story from Zara McAspurren, "What Goes Around".

31st January 2009 - New 'Then Do That Over' story from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Two Davids (Reprise)".

20th January 2009 - A new Buffybot drabble from AGOL, "Sur La Plage".

11th January 2009 - A new story from AGOL, "In Search Of A Quick Half", featuring the Doctor and the Buffybot. There's also a new 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "The Musgrave Ritual".

4th January 2009 - John Elliott has a follow-up drabble to "Welcome To The Microcosm", "Quite Irritating". Even /vaguer/ description spoilers.

3rd January 2009 - New fic from Imran Inayat on reactions to the Eleventh Doctor's casting: "Welcome To The Microcosm". Vague description spoilers for Eleventh.

28th December 2008 - A 'Then Do That Over' fic from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Two Davids", again with 'The Next Doctor' spoilers.

25th December 2008 - New drabble from Imran Inayat, "It's All Getting A Bit Silly", with spoilers for 'The Next Doctor'.

22nd December 2008 - Now up, John Elliott's new 'Story Time', "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb"

21st December 2008 - A Steel Maiden double-drabble from John Elliott, "Steel Yourself".

20th December 2008 - Another Steel Maiden story from B. K. Willis, "Scenes From A Steel Christmas".

17th December 2008 - New Steel Maiden story from B. K. Willis, "A Most Taxing Evening".

2nd December 2008 - Vicky J's "Murder at Mill Cottage" now up, along with her two follow-up drabbles, "Let's Pretend" and "Excuses".

26th November 2008 - A minific from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Outside Temptation", with spoilers for The Sarah Jane Adventures story "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith".

25th November 2008 - New TDTO drabble from John Elliott (again :) ), "Welcome to my Knightmare".

8th November 2008 - New story from John Elliott, "Trouble in Store".

2nd November 2008 - New drabble from John Elliott, with casting spoilers for Season 5, "Here We Go Again".

20th October 2008 - Three new stories in this update: a 'Steel Maiden' double-drabble from B. K. Willis, "Offensive Tactics", a 'Genius and Geniality' drabble from John Elliott, "The Subterfuge of Substitution", and a drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Name Game #2".

3rd October 2008 - New drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Hopping Mad".

29th September 2008 - New fic from Helen Fayle, "Legends".

28th September 2008 - Moved house /again/ last month, and spent a good few weeks offline. Seven stories in this update, including John Elliott's 'Genius and Geniality' series: "The Verisimilitude of Videos", "The Protectors of Plot", "The Transience of Triumph", and "The Difficulties of Dialect". Also up is Vicky J.'s 'Then Do That Over' story "Ghosthunting", along with John Elliott's sequel, "Undermanned", and /its/ sequel, Daibhid Ceannaideach's "The End Of Another Adventure".

17th August 2008 - Now up, "Sontar-huh?" by Daibhid Ceannaideach.

30th July 2008 - Minific from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "More Checking Out", a followup to B. K. Willis's "Checking Out The Competition".

10th July 2008 - 'Then Do That Over' story from Vicky J., "Polly's Guide to the Rules".

29th June 2008 - Daibhid Ceannaideach's entry in the 'Position Vacant' series, "Position Vacant #2", is up, along with a sequel drabble by Vicky J., "Demon Demise". B. K. Willis has an entry as well, "Perdition Vacant". There are also three new series drabbles from John Elliott, one solo, "Excluded Middle", and two linked, "Easier Said" and "Than Done", all with spoilers for "The Stolen Earth".

28th June 2008 - A Vicky J. 'Then Do That Over' story, "Position Vacant", with a drabble sequel from John Elliott, "Perfect Perisher".

27th June 2008 - New Vicky J. story, "A Tale of Two Fashion Houses".

15th June 2008 - A new story from B. K. Willis, "Checking Out the Competition", and a new 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "Macbeth".

7th June 2008 - 'Then Do That Over' drabble from John Elliott, "Fool Me Once".

31st May 2008 - Now up are Daibhid Ceannadieach's "My Crimes Against Fanfic", and Vicky J.'s "Bric-a-brac".

28th May 2008 - A 'Then Do That Over' double-drabble from Vicky J., "The Other Side of the Argument", another sequel to "Chain Store Massacre".

26th May 2008 - Drabble set from Vicky J., "Chain Store Massacre", and a drabble sequel from John Elliott, "Kentucky Fried Conditioning".

19th May 2008 - Two drabbles; one from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Mysterious Affair of Writing Styles", and another from John Elliott, "Casting and Contrariness".

17th May 2008 - Minific from Daibhid Ceannaideach, with spoilers for 'Planet of the Ood', "Identity Crisis".

15th May 2008 - New Dunvworpin story from Cyber Moggy, "Night of the Living Dessert".

11th May 2008 - Double-drabble from Imran Inayat, "Keeping It In The Family", with spoilers for 'The Doctor's Daughter'.

6th May 2008 - Double-drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Aging Process".

4th May 2008 - Two new drabbles; one from Helen Fayle, "Schrödinger's Theory of Indeterminate Existential Angst", and one from John Elliott, with spoilers for 'The Poison Sky', "Department of Anti-Crime".

27th April 2008 - New 'Story Time' from John Elliott, the Sherlock Holmes story "Charles Augustus Milverton".

23rd April 2008 - A 'Then Do That Over' story from Vicky J., "First Year Camp".

21st April 2008 - A 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "The Goose Girl".

15th April 2008 - Drabble (and a half) from Daibhid Ceannaideach, following up Vicky's "Redefinition", "Even Masters Have Standards".

14th April 2008 - New 'Then Do That Over' fic from Vicky J., "Redefinition".

12th April 2008 - Short fic from Vicky J., "Some Random Evening".

28th March 2008 - Drabble from John Elliott, "You Can Run, But...".

23rd March 2008 - Another Vicky J. 'Story Time', "Rapunzel".

9th March 2008 - A new John Elliott 'Story Time', "The Twelve Huntsmen".

25th February 2008 - A Vicky J. fic, "Adult Ed. With Six".

19th February 2008 - New Vicky J. 'Story Time', "Gereint and Enid".

27th January 2008 - New 'Story Time' from John Elliott, "The Bruce-Partington Plans".

12th January 2008 - A Some Other Time Round story from John Elliott, "Jackson & Partners - Removals".

17th December 2007 - Drabble from John Elliott, "Aggravating Discord".

13th December 2007 - Moved house last month, and had some trouble getting the phone line set up, so I couldn't put up any stories. Finally back online, with six stories for the archive, including Vicky J's "Beauty and the Beast" 'Story Time', and the followup drabble, "Meanwhile, Back at the Barn"; John Elliott's "The Three Garridebs" 'Story Time', with Vicky J's followup drabble "Special Pleading"; another 'Story Time' from John, "The Flower Fairies"; and a new story from Cyber Moggy for the 'Master's XI' series, "Season Preparation".

2nd November 2007 - A new Vicky J. 'Story Time', "Pride and Prejudice", with two followup drabbles: Vicky J.'s "Party and Persuasion", and John Elliott's "A Casting Conceit".

29th October 2007 - A double-drabble from Vicky J., "Seeing Double", and two follow-up drabbles from John Elliott, "Zweimalig Zoe And The Surprising Of Saxon" and "Identity Theft".

14th October 2007 - A 'Look Who's Talking' story from John Elliott, "They Shall Not Pass".

10th October 2007 - New drabble from John Elliott, "Mostly Armless".

25th September 2007 - Minific from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Never The Twain",

18th September 2007 - Featuring a story from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Forgotten Masters", and a new ADWC Crossover From Hell drabble, courtesy of John Elliott.

10th September 2007 - Three new drabbles, two from John Elliott, "Interrogators and Interchangeability" and "Zany Zoe and the Adaptation of Austen", and one from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Tea and Lack of Sympathy".

9th September 2007 - Double-drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Incoming...".

2nd September 2007 - New 'Story Time' from John Elliott, the Sherlock Holmes story "The Speckled Band".

9th August 2007 - Another 'Story Time' from Vicky J., "Story Time: A Revolting Rhyme"

6th August 2007 - Back to 'Story Time' with Daibhid Ceannaideach's "Story Time! Kate Crackernuts".

27th July 2007 - Following on from "Zoe Heriot and the Elf-Knight" and "Tell Tale", four new stories: John Elliott's "Treasons, Stratagems and Spoils", Vicky J.'s "Twinkle, Twinkle", and John's "Third Time Lucky" and "Holding the Baby".

25th July 2007 - Added a new category page, "Story Time". In addition, two fics up, John Elliott's "Story Time - The Coming of the Hound", and Vicky J.'s followup drabble to "Zoe Heriot and the Elf-Knight", "Tell Tale".

23rd July 2007 - Three fics added. First up is "Story Time: Sequelitis", by Vicky J., with a follow-up drabble by John Elliott, "Zoe Heriot and the Elf-Knight". There's also another drabble from Vicky, "The Master's Designs", written as a sequel to a non-TTR double-drabble, which I've included with the story to provide context.

16th July 2007 - Multi-part fic from Vicky J., "Master Test", along with a drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach set during "Master Test", "Back to Nature".

14th July 2007 - A double-drabble from Helen Fayle, with spoilers up through 'The Sound of Drums', "Welcome to my nightmare".

21st April 2007 - Two new fics from Vicky J., the multi-part "Plot and Loophole", and the followup drabble "Polly's Quiet Night Off".

20th April 2007 - Now up is a double-drabble from Vicky J., "The Brigadier's Answer". a follow-up to John Elliott's "Alternative Possibilities".

3rd April 2007 - Two double-drabbles up. "Alternative Possibilities", by John Elliott, another sort-of sequel to "TARDIS Speculation", "Violent Minorities", by Vicky J.

2nd April 2007 - Three new fics up. First up, we have Vicky J.'s fic "TARDIS Speculation", and Daibhid Ceannaideach's sort-of follow-up drabble "Speculative Friction.". The third fic is another drabble of Daibhid's, "Silent Minorities".

24th February 2007 - A sequel to "Banned Valentines" from Vicky J., "Interference".

8th February 2007 - New story from Vicky J., "Banned Valentines".

10th January 2007 - New drabble by Cyber Moggy, "Forming The Companion's Liberation Front".

18th December 2006 - Demi-drabble by Daibhid Ceannaideach, "You Might Think That...", now up.

14th December 2006 - A sequel to "What's a reason for, anyway?", "The Initiation", a double-drabble by Cyber Moggy for the adwc 'Crossed Swords' challenge, now up.

12th December 2006 - Double-drabble by Cyber Moggy for the adwc 'Crossed Swords' challenge, "What's a rule for, anyway?".

4th December 2006 - New B. K. Willis double-drabble for the adwc 'Crossed Swords' challenge, "Saturday Night's All Right..."

30th November 2006 - Five fics up, including the first four drabbles in Cyber Moggy's 'The Master's XI' series - "Secrets of the Master", "To observe fair play", "It's a funny old game...", and "Sponsorship deal" - and Imran Inayat's drabble for the adwc 'Crossed Swords' challenge, "Mistress of the Universe".

7th October 2006 - New fic! Mini-round robin by Cyber Moggy and Imran Inayat, called "Gale-force", from the This Time Round livejournal.

3rd July 2006 - Been even quieter on the fic front lately. Anyway, new B. K. Willis fic up called "Rare Stakes".

26th March 2006 - Another new Eric Adcock drabble, "Prickly Pairing"

19th March 2006 - New drabble by Eric Adcock, "Wrestling With A Challenge".

30th December 2005 - Another drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "The Name Game". Spoilers for the 2006 Annual.

2nd December 2005 - A seasonal drabble from Daibhid Ceannaideach, "Christmas Past" now in.

15th October 2005 - The 2005 Adric Awards Ceremony for alt.drwho.creative is now up.

3rd October 2005 - The 500th TTR story, B. K. Willis's "Help Wanted, Dead or Alive" up on the archive.

26th September 2005 - Paul Andinach's story "Clifton-James Night At This Time Round" is up.

11th September 2005 - B. K. Willis's 'Mystery Psycho Theater 3000' Episode 11 now up.

28th August 2005 - New drabble from Eric Adcock, "Captain Wrack Meets Captain Jack".

10th July 2005 - Now up is another drabble by Eric Adcock, "Fire Water", featuring NA Ace and Benny.

1st May 2005 - New series drabble up, "...And a Heaven of Hell.", by Imran Inayat, with spoilers for the TV episode 'Dalek'.

18th April 2005 - There's now a TTR Livejournal, run offsite by Alryssa Kelly, where TTR fic, ideas and thoughts can be posted.

Up on the archive itself is the 2003 Pro-Fun Round-Robin, "Reflections on Reality".

17th April 2005 - Now up is a new series drabble on Christopher Eccleston's departure, "Hello, I Must Be Going", by Eric Adcock.

2nd April 2005 - "Quis Spectat Ipsos Spectatores", by John Elliott, a new series drabble inspired by the casting rumours for the Tenth Doctor, now up.

31st March 2005 - Two new series drabbles up - "Travelling Companions", by Imran Inayat, (with spoilers for 'Rose'), and "Officialdom", by Daibhid Ceannaideach, on Christopher Eccleston's departure from the series.

11th March 2005 - Another new series drabble up - again, no spoilers - "Avoidance Tactics", by Imran Inayat.

5th March 2005 - Two new series drabbles up (no spoilers) - "Hare Raising Excitement", by Paul Shryer, and "The Waiting", by Daibhid Ceannaideach.

4th March 2005 - "Candy and Hatsheput, Concluded", by Paul Andinach, a brief moment in verse from the fourth Pro-Fun Party, now up.

25th February 2005 - The multi-part TDTO story "Secrets Of A Demon Lord's Harem!", by Imran Inayat, with assistance from B. K. Willis, uploaded.

7th February 2005 - Eric Adcock's "The Gazillion Doctors", written for dw100's 'reunion' drabble challenge, now added.

Additionally, the This Time Round FAQ has now been updated to version 1.8.0.

27th January 2005 - Daibhid Ceannaideach's spin on an old joke, "At The Last Toon Saloon", now up.

18th January 2005 - The Help! story arc page, chronicling the Proprietor's increasingly desperate attempts to hire more help for the 'Round, now uploaded, along with the latest installment, "Still Not Helping", by Daibhid Ceannaideach.

16th January 2005 - "You're /Not/ Helping...", by Imran Inayat, the latest in the Proprietor's attempts to get help for the 'Round, uploaded.

2nd January 2005 - Updates page begun by webmaster who really should have done it much, much earlier. The two-part 'Toontime!', by Daibhid Ceannaideach and Imran Inayat, the latest story uploaded.